How to record and edit a low budget event video

I recently filmed and edited a presentation for the Vancouver Sound Designers Meetup and this is how I did it using inexpensive equipment, and REAPER.

One thing I forgot to mention was that DaVinci Resolve 12 is a FREE professional program for color correction and video editing. I use it for color correction but prefer to cut in REAPER.

Here’s the finished talk


Introduction to Mixing In REAPER Vol 1

Have you ever wondered what a pro really does while mixing a song? I’ve just finished creating a new video training product that gives you an over the shoulder look at one of my mixing sessions. It’s about four hours long and goes through the process of importing tracks, creating a rough mix, processing, automation […]


Why can’t REAPER be exactly like Pro Tools?

There are countless threads on the REAPER forum from current and former Pro Tools users about configuring REAPER to be exactly like Pro Tools. Kenny Gioia said this in a recent thread and it’s just too perfect: I know it’s hard. But making REAPER behave like Pro Tools is like trying to get your Porsche […]